Our Mission
    J. Kriss Consulting's Mission is to specialize in providing a team                approach to our customer's future success. We will achieve this                through the team efforts of our employees and our customers by              facilitating the development of Strategic Business Planning and
     the Management Process, resulting in enhanced profitability for
     our customers and ourselves.     
                               Our Philosophy
  To achieve on-going success every business should develop and             manage a Strategic Business Plan.  Large companies can afford to            hire large consulting companies an pay very expensive rates.  Our           philosophy has been to develop a very simplistic, no nonsense,                approach to the process of Strategic Business Planning for small to          medium sized business at very affordable rates.  We have been                 able to accomplish this through many years of experience. We                  pride ourselves on professionalism and the quality of our service.           
                                      Our Belief
           "If you don't know where you are going it doesn't matter
                                which road you take to get there."
                             Enhance Future Profits
                   Call J. Kriss Consulting today and let us help you and your                                                management  team to formalize a Strategic Business Plan. 
                                                             J. Kriss Consulting